Apart from the above mention Ogbonis, we have others who are emerging but not known to us yet;
therefore, not mentioned above. This leads us to how we can identify the legal ones. Yes they can
be identified. Don’t forget I said the only legal commission that can approve Association or
businesses in Nigeria is Corporate Affairs Commission [C A C]. Immediately such association or
business is approved; it is confirmed legal to operate within its approved constitution and
presented with THE CERTIFICATE, THE SEAL AND THEIR CONSTITUTION. This certificate from C A C
will include the names of the trustee which must include the Oba Ogboni of that Association. If not
the Oba, it could be Aare or Oluaye or whatever title they deemed fit or proper to call themselves
It is high time to tell you that the certificate is renewable and whoever has the newest one is
recognized by C A C; hence, confirmed legal and permitted to operate. These are the things to
request for from any leader who says they are authentic.
Suffice it to say here that there are hierarchies in fraternities as in other societies. However, this
hierarchy or superiority differs from one fraternity to another according to their constitution. For
example, the highest rank in The Renowned Ogboni Abalaiye Fraternity is OBA OGBONI which is
just one all over the world, followed by OLORI OLUWO. We don’t use AARE in our Association which
meant that we are not under AARE.
Another example is The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity(R O F). The highest rank is OLORI OLUWO.
Other titles like AARE, OBA, OLUAIYE etc are not in their constitution; thus such people who
proclaim such title as member of ROF are illegal as such titles are not recognized. This asserts that
they are not under any OBA or AARE or OLUAIYE as it not in their Association’s Constitution as
approved by CAC.
In Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity, according to their constitution the highest rank is AARE and there
should just be one AARE all over the world for the Association. This is followed by the Chairman,
Olori Oluwo etc. I believe that was why a lot of you have been querying why we have many AAREs,
many OLUAIYEs, and many OLORI OLUWOs in Aborigine. All i can say is that they all know the truth
and are also in the best position to answer the querries. However, if you can request to see the constitution that guides the Association; then you shall
know the truth. I don’t want to be too elaborate on that for now, so that I will not be tagged a
betrayal. As one of the Ogboni adages says “ODI ONI YANGBA ………”; “MA BA AWO MI JE ……” but
the truth must be revealed. This is where we need to think twice to see the truth and decide on
whom to be followed and worship with.
I will not hesitate to brief you on whom and who have registered or have authentic certificates
because a lot of people are going all about with fake certificates. I have mentioned earlier how you
can recognize an original certificate issued by the authorised commission by the Federal
Government of Nigeria. I know I will have more enemies added to the ones I have earlier in Ogboni
because of my honesty but the fact still remains that the world must know the truth about Ogboni
Fraternity and don’t be deceive with sugar-coated mouth-like people who claimed that me [OBA
OGBONI ABALAIYE] is under him along side my Association and they later want to register my
Association again before they were published in a newspaper as thief (newspaper available on
request). It was then in Atlanta Georgia, U S A in 2016 when one runaway band member of a Late
Nigerian singer [Orlando Owoh] posted me on Facebook to be a thief and said am under her
husband. Suffice it to say i wasn’t moved nor bothered to feel bitter nor sad because she is an
illiterate / novice [OPE] when we talk about Ogboni matters. IYANIFA OR BABALAWO is clearly
different from OGBONI. She is so full of herself and ignorant about the position she is honoured
with; worse of her hot-tempered attitude deterring her to progress in Atlanta amongst her
husband’s wives. She goes around portraying / claiming to be OGBONI REPRESENTATIVE IN
DIASPORA. Kindly ask her who appointed her? Please be wise and refuse to be deceived by these
bunches of cheats and liars because they’re all FAKE.
Less I forget, these are the things to ask for to ascertain the authenticity of their certification;
1. The Registration number.
2. The SEAL from C A C [with the association’s name inscribed]
3. Date of renewal and Date of registration.
4. The names on the certificate as Registered Trustees
5. The Certificate itself; Just to mention a few.

If all these questions are not answered, then you should know such association is illegal; thus, not
recognised in Nigeria. Mind you, verbal presentations are not a genuine reason for their legality but
you have to see all the aforementioned or even have a copy. There is no bother on how these can
be done because technological advancements has made communication simpler in aspects of video
calls, conference calls, computer-based enquires, etc. Please contact your Oba for these documents
so that you will not be defraud or tricked.
We are talking of reunion in OGBONI. This unification is possible only if we allow the truth to
prevail. In this realm, the appointment of one and single OBA OGBONI AGBAIYE (President General)
to represent all the association can only be done when all Oba Ogbonis and AARE Ogbonis sit
together and form a committee with the assistance of BABALAWO who will cast divination for us to
know who the next PRESIDENT GENERAL is.
I have never objected to use of the title “AGBAIYE”, so please don’t misquote me. All i. am saying is
that the title should be affiliated to your association alone. This meant your association’s name
should be included before the “AGBAIYE” indicating that the Aare, or Oba or Oluwo is for his
association in particular and not all Ogboni Associations in general. For example, OBA OGBONI
I give kudos and respect to the LATE OLUAIYE MOBOLAJI ALIMI NAIBI who made all efforts during
his lifetime to bring all Ogboni Fraternity factions together. He never discriminates against any
Ogboni and never force any to be under him nor tell lies to the world that all Ogboni is under him. I
could remember very well when I met him in his palace at Ajangbadi Area in Lagos State Nigeria
where I pleaded to him on behalf of all Ogboni to settle any rifts he might have with any Ogboni
and Oba. He accepted and withdrew all cases from court. He has listening ears and take to advice;
regardless of the position of the adviser. We all accepted him to be President General during his life
time because of his contribution to the development of Ogboni all over the world. He stood solidly
by any Fraternal Association that needed his help and never expected anything in return [monetary
or otherwise]. Our prayer is, MAY HIS GENTLE SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE.


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